About Us

We Al-Baha Company For Caustic Chlorine Industry, a chemical plant located in Jordan as private free zone having a registered in Jordanian Free Zones Corporation with no (474), the company has established in 2005 and started commercial production in 2008, our plant designed and erected by international companies using the latest technology of the membranes of INEOS Technologies, which is free from any contamination and ensure that the production process with superior quality levels and the final products are pure.
Our main products are:
- Caustic Soda
- Liquid Chlorine Gas
- Hydrochloric Acid
- Sodium Hypochlorite
One of the aims is to cover the demand of Iraq, Jordan and neighboring countriesof the basic chemicals which is used in water treatment, detergents, Petrochemicals and others.
Our company dedicate a Staff of experts, engineers & technicians that has the experience in domain of caustic - chlorine Industry; they are working on maintaining the quality of the products with use of the most recent technologies in caustic-chlorine Industry in the world to put the best products for the regional industries to achieve best results.
Our factory takes into account at production and fillingstages the stringent international safety, control and quality standards.We are proud that our products comparable to global products in terms of quality and noregistration of any accidents in our plant from the date of establishment of the factory.
Our products have high quality and manufactured according to international quality standards and certifications as following:
- Management System (ISO 9001)
- Environmental management System (ISO 14001)
- Health and Safety System (OHSAS 18001)
Plant capacity and Annual production
Our plant capacities and annual productions for various products are mentioned here under and based on a working of 330days:

Product Plant Capacity (Tons Per Day) Annual production (Tons per year)
Caustic soda solid (flakes) 50 16500
Caustic soda liquid 50% 93 30690
Caustic soda liquid 32% 219 72270
Liquid Chlorine 62 20460
Hydrochloric Acid HCL 90 29700
Sodium hypochlorite 100 33000