Chlorine Gas

Chlorine Gas is one of the most commonly used disinfectants for water disinfection. Chlorine can be applied for the deactivation of most microorganisms and to kill harmful bacteria.It is produced commercially by electrolysis of sodium chloride brine. Chlorine is used in industry and in household cleaning products. It is light yellow-green in color with pungent odor
Chemical formula
• Chlorine is one of the most widely used disinfectants. It is very applicable and very effective for the deactivation of pathogenic microorganisms, such as the deactivation of pathogens in drinking water, swimming pool water and wastewater, for the disinfection of household areas.
• One of the most commonly used chlorine-containing substances is PVC (poly vinyl chloride).
• Household chlorine bleach can release chlorine gas if it is mixed with certain other cleaning agents.
• In glue, paints, solvents, foam rubbers, car bumpers, food additives, pesticides and antifreeze.
We can supply chlorine gas in chlorine steel cylinders in capacities of (1) Ton, (800) Kg, 55 L or 40 L.
Technical specifications

No Quality Characteristics Unit Specification
Minimum Maximum
1 Purity (as CL2) % v/v 99.5 ---
2 Residue on Evaporation % w/v -- 0.2
3 Water Content ppm --- 20
4 Non Volatile Residue at 25°C ppm --- 150