Quality Policy ISO 9001: 2015                                          

Our Company  seek to:
1. Develop systems and manufacturing processes for the production of high quality products that meet the needs of customers and clients.
2. Encourage innovation in accordance with regulations and international standards to satisfy our customers.
3. Build a great sound partnership with suppliers and customers.
4. Increase the capabilities of the company's employees and integrate them into their work and strive to achieve professional and personal goals.
5. Ensure the continuation of the successful business of the company and achieve integrity and adherence to the principles of ethics Commissioner to ensure the achievement of company objectives and community service


Safety and Occupational Health ISO 45001:2018

One of the most important of our priorities is to maintain the safety and health of all employees which undertakes this by providing services and the exercise of all of its activities in accordance with the standards and regulations for public safety and occupational health in order to ensure the application of those obligations, national and international laws, and that is through:

  • Compliance with all laws, regulations and instructions ,
  • Specifications and all the requirements to respond to the controls and procedures for

          Quality Management Systems (QMS) related to the functions and duties of public safety

         and occupational health.

·             Dissemination of knowledge and awareness of the positive culture towards compliance with the laws and instructions of occupational health and safety of all of our employees and clientele. Develop and define the objectives and programs and action plans detailed short and long-term focus primarily on reducing and limiting for work-related injuries through maintaining the safety of personnel, equipment, and machinery production processes and finished products. Work and to ensure that public safety and occupational health policy unannounced to the public and understandable for everyone involved and applied consistently and correctly for the benefit of the company.

Research and development in the field of continuing to improve and increase the efficiency of personal protective equipment for workers and equipped to positively affect the protection and safety of workers and the stylet on the company's reputation and obligations. Development of systems and devices the control and protection of plants and facilities for the company and employees from any damages that may occur, God forbid. This policy is binding on all our staff at all levels, and all dealers with their customers , and it consider as the essential Guide methodology for setting the general occupational health and safety objectives of the company. Finally, the full commitment of Al Baha goals and standards has led to the aforesaid awarded a certificate of excellence from the Public Institution for Social Security in recognition of outstanding efforts to provide a safe and healthy work environment in the company.


Environmental policy ISO 14001: 2018

Our environmental policy built in on the deep and sincere faith in the importance of the preservation of the elements of the environment and the importance of environmental responsibility in the fulfillment of sustainable development, so our policy was documented and preserved and available for all, namely:
1. precisely the exact nature and extent of the environmental impact of the activities, products and services the company's commitment.
2. Commitment to continuous improvement of technology and methods to reduce environmental effects.
3. The obligation to prevent pollution of all circles of the surrounding air, water and land.
4. Commitment to the effective management of liquid and solid waste.
5. Commitment to implement the requirements of laws and regulations and other requirements relating to safeguarding the environment.
6. Commitment to increase green areas within the company.


 Quality system for Testing and Calibration Laboratories ISO/IEC 17025

Al-Baha Company's laboratory guarantees the quality of its services through the application of the international standard ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 for testing and calibration laboratories, as well as the instructions issued by the Jordanian Standards and Metrology Organization represented by the Accreditation Unit where a highly impartial, trained and qualified staff is used to ensure the issuance of valid, accurate and reliable results all over the world.

Al-Baha laboratory was accredited by the Jordanian Standards and Metrology Organization on 05/11/2020 with certificate number JAS Test– 107 in accordance with the instructions of the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 quality system in the field of chemical analysis of water, Caustic Soda, Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorine Gas.